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Tripp Lite Outlets Rack Mount PDU1215

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  • Not worth the trouble unless you’re always on site.
    We have 7 of these out in the field. They have been nothing but problems.

    Out of 7, 2 are bricked, one from attempting a firmware upgrade, and the other just randomly bricked. The only way to unbrick them is to go onsite and upload a new firmware image with the serial interface.

    3 of them are offline because their web card needs to be manually power cycled (atleast that’s how I’ve gotten them back online in the past), and I don’t have anyone on site that can manually reset them. Hopefully they aren’t bricked.

    2 of them I have access to and am able to remotely power cycle servers that are connected. But in order to do that, I had to downgrade my java to version 7, because the web interface for these devices uses Java and isn’t compatible (yet) with Java 8.

    These units haven’t been worth the trouble, and I will be replacing them with something else shortly.Read more

  • Amp meter worthless
    I agree with the other reviewers that the amp meter is not very helpful. First, it would be much better if it had a decimal so it could read fractions of an amp. Second, most of the time it reads zero despite having a server and a 24 port gigabit POE switch with over a dozen POE devices plugged into it.Read more
  • Double check your UPS before buying
    The automatic transfer switch of this PDU will switch between power sources in 2-7 milliseconds. A line-interactive UPS can switch from utility power to battery power in around 8 milliseconds. Any time a line-interactive UPS switches from utility power to battery power, this PDU will switch to secondary power (if it’s available).

    For it to work properly, you need a double conversion online UPS. If you try and get a cheaper, line-interactive UPS, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    5/5 stars for being well made and free of defects, but -1 star for not putting the compatibility information on this product page.Read more

  • Feature rich, but why so deep?
    I’ve been looking all over the place for a PDU and UPS that would fit inside a 6U enclosure and had hopes that this would be a good fit. I managed to shoe-horn it in, only because the TrippLite SRW6U has adjustable rails, but the PDU is so heavy that it needs rear support, not included in that model and unavailable as an accessory. Hopefully TrippLite’s support team will come through for me with a set of rails I’ve requested.

    I really only needed 4 or 5 outlets, which should make it much smaller, but couldn’t find one like that.

    – Perhaps the only PDU model available that can mount in a 6U shallow wall-mount rack.
    – 8 Individually remote-switched outlets. (for a 6U rack, this is usually overkill, but better too many than too few).
    – Web management interface
    – Front outlets only (for a shallow enclosure, this is a must.
    – Front and rear rail mount ears included.

    – Heavy
    – Very deep for a PDU (~14.4")
    – Screws included for only one pair of rail-mount ears.Read more

  • Frustrating but Tripp Lite will make it right
    I centralized all the coax and CAT 5e to one location in my house and I thought a rack mounted PDU would be a great addition to clean things up. I liked the amp readout feature on this model, but it stopped working 2 hours after I plugged it in. I would have returned it but since I purchased many things for this project from Amazon at one time, but by the time I reached the PDU installation phase of the project I had exceeded the return window by 2 days. Tripp Lite email support was slow to respond, but they did promise to send me a new one, so I will report back if I have a better experience with the new unit. However, I will most like just replace it with a PDU that has surge protection built in since this one does not.Read more
  • Great for Rackmount Audio / Video setup or computer setup
    I’ve used Tripp lites for my rackmount computers in the past and thought this unit would work great in conjunction with their Tripp Lite HT1210ISOCTR Home Theater IsPRar Power Center w/ remote 12 outlets 5700 Joules power conditioner for my home theater rack (Omnimount RSF).

    With a receiver, some external amps, and all the sources / consoles I can plug in, I needed more plugs. This rackmount unit is well built, helps me monitor my draw and I can shut it down to avoid any phantom power draws (the game consoles love to suck power it seems).

    A solid option. And, in this application, I needed the plugs on the back versus a mix of front and back or all in the front, but that’s because I wanted to hide the wall warts behind it in my rack.

    I prefer Tripp Lite to the more expensive Monster….plus, by rackmounting these, I get them off the floor, as I worry these get hot near the carpet.Read more

  • Sturdy, long, heavy cable, bright ammeter
    This is about what you’d expect–the enclosure is strong and sturdy; the power cable is reinforced. I mostly bought this to replace a cheap APC power strip that claimed to be rated @ 1800 watts but was uncomfortably warm with a 900 watt load on it. This unit, the plug, and the cord stay cool to the touch with a 900 watt load.

    The ammeter works as expected. The only disappointment I had is that the meter does not have a decimal place. Only whole amps are represented. 6 amps can jump to 7 amps; I’d like to see a finer granularity of measure (0.1 amps). I’ve used such meters in data centers before and just expected it here. But, this is pretty cheap and works.

    And it does not have a power switch, which I consider to be a huge bonus. So many PDUs on the market do have power switches and I’ve never understood it.

    I plan to buy more of these.Read more

  • Does what is says with no frills
    If you need this and you know why you need it and what it does it is perfect. If you are in the data center rack space you should know. If you are a musician, sound guy, lighting person, etc, you might or might not but this is not really what you need.Read more

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