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Tripp Lite Desktop Ultra Compact INTERNET550U

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  • It’s kept me from crashing, man!
    Okay, nothing special, it’s a UPS.

    Although a real "brick" in weight, it’s saved a couple of video shoots.

    My Sony Super 35 AC power supply draws little current, as does my HyperDeck Shuttle, and HDMI monitor.

    I always take it along and use it if I’m running on AC. Some other shooters snicker when they see me lugging it in with my gear.

    The laughter stops when otherwise tragic events occur:

    + Several of us independent shooters were plugged into an AC main that spiked. My UPS hummed, but bucked the jolt and my gear ran fine. However the spike fried two other cameras and one recorder.

    + At another gig, someone decided my AC cord wasn’t "being used" and unplugged it at the source. The UPS kicked in, and I was able to do an "orderly shutdown" of the camera, HyperDeck and Monitor before tracking down the problem. The result: My system didn’t "crash" and not a frame of video was lost.

    Thus, I lug it around!Read more

  • Fun If You Enjoy Puzzles
    If you want an inexpensive UPS that you can just plug in and it works, beeps when the powers off and such it’s OK. The "one second" that you have to hold the power button own seems like a lot more than a second to me but so it goes.

    The engineers and the folks who printed the box really need to sit down and talk. The box loudly proclaims the device has a USB port. It also claims there is a USB cable. In reality there is no USB port and there is no USB cable. There is an ethernet port on the device and a very strange cable that’s ethernet on one end and USB on the other. Didn’t know they existed.

    If you want to turn the alarm off permanently you’ll have to count on reviewers here for guidance as the instructions that are packed in the box are worthless and I could find nothing on the Tripp-Lite website. The downloaded software, aka PowerAlert Agent Console as delivered is a mystery unto itself. It runs on Java and is "finicky" at best. It defaults to "Home Device Management Scheme" which appears to be of no value.Once you click on "settings" some new buttons appear including "Schemes". Switching to "Business Device Management Scheme" opens a whole new world of things one can do including "Shut The Beeper Off Forever". Apparently the folks at Tripp-Lite figure anyone who isn’t in business isn’t smart enough to actually do anything. Thanks to user "Anonymous" I was able to turn the beeper off once I figured out how to get to that function.

    Why did I want to shut the beeper off permanently? I’m using these for backup power to surveillance cameras in case someone cuts the power before they start stealing stuff and I don’t want the UPS screaming for attention. And yes, the cameras can see in the dark and they do record everything up to the cloud thingie..Read more

    I’ve learned after a bit of playing that YOU CAN TURN OFF THE ANNOYING BEEPING NOISE! Use the included strange USB thing to hook it up to your computer, then use the free PowerAlert software from Tripp Lite’s website. Switch the software into Business mode, then go over to the Action section. In the list of actions is “Set Audible Alarm”. Set the value to 1 (even if it’s already 1, overwrite it), then execute the command. After a second or two, the program will unfreeze, and it will be completely silent when it loses power from then on!Read more
  • The good news is most of my network gear remains on …
    I purchased this to keep my home network gear online during an outage and to properly shut down some of my devices that don’t fare well to hard power loss.The good news is most of my network gear remains on with the exception of my Netgear CM600 cable modem which often locks up or if lucky just reboots upon switching to battery power. I picked this unit because it supports the NUT package which is supported by pfsense. The other bad news is Tripp lite is somewhat lazy about model identification and because of that NUT can’t properly identify what load capacity this thing has and reports the current load inaccurately since the driver is unable to distinguish the 180va model from the 750 or any other in that series.

    Fortunately the above shouldn’t affect it powering off my sg-2440 or my rpi3. Overall I probably can’t fault it for my cable modem being oversensitive to microsecond power losses but I wish the load monitoring with nut actually worked with this device. because of that, I’d give this a 3.5-star rating if I could but since I can’t I’ll have to round down.Read more

  • Disappointed with product quality
    Installed with W7 computer – has computer interface to control shutdown functions. Had found the computer turned off after an overnight power interruption on three occasions and each time double-checked the installation. Could not determine cause. Witnessed an instant shutdown during a power outage – unit failed to kick in battery backup function. Applied for a return of this item but was rejected. Seems that it constitutes a hazardous commodity and Amazon will not accept returns (on the same "hazardous" item they warehoused and packaged and shipped just 2 months ago. Doesn’t make sense. After a series of emails to the manufacturer confirming (multiple times) the sequences involved, I was invited to call them (at my expense) to further discuss. Meanwhile, Amazon graciously consented to a full refund. I passed that information to the manufacturer and they mysteriously disappeared without any followup comment. NOT AT ALL what I expected from such a name brand company. Do your self a favor and avoid the hassle. Choose another brand. Thanks to Amazon for "saving the day"Read more

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