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Pyle Hydra Marine Amplifier Configurable

  • 4 CHANNEL BRIDGEABLE AMPLIFIER: Pyle’s PLMRA420 is engineered as a 4 Channel bridgeable marine amplifier that powers up your speaker and is universally compatible. It also has high and low electronic crossover network or pass filters.
  • PREMIUM RCA INPUT: For an easier use of this hydra marine amplifier, it comes with premium RCA inputs. If your marine receiver lacks RCA output jacks, you can connect speaker output leads to the high-level inputs.
  • SHORT PROTECTION: Built with a heavy duty Aluminum Alloy heatsink, thermal overload speaker short protection and LED light indicator. These are to protect the amp and your vehicle’s electrical system from short circuit conditions.
  • POWERFUL 1000 WATT: This amplifier is powerful with its 1000 WATT maximum and dual MOFSET power supply. Comes with dual adjustable input GAIN level controls of 10k Ohm (Low) and 100 Ohm (High) speaker impedance.
  • MARINE GRADE: With its Marine rating of IP-01, it is waterproof ready. It’s constructed with gold-plated speaker output terminal connectors as well to combat corrosion with long term use.
  • Waterproof four-channel, bridgeable MOSFET power amplifier with 4 x 250 Watts maximum output
  • Variable high- and low-pass filters with crossover mode selector
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  • Durable, cheap audio.
    I bought a boat and needed to upgrade the stereo. I was new to mobile audio for the most part so I didn’t want to spend a ton. I ran a single 12” sub off of this (bridged) and continually received compliments on the stereo. The 4, 6.5 inch speakers were powered solely by the head unit.
    I powered the amp from it’s own battery (90 AH) and never ran out of juice, even with several consecutive trips and no recharging. It lived in the engine compartment of a 4.3 mercruiser for almost 3 years, the boat was always stored outside (covered), and the amp fell off of it’s mount several times in transit, but I never had a single issue with it.
    I find the bass on my new boat lacking even though it has a professionally installed 1500 watt kicker amp (which DOES power the 6.5” speakers as well as the 12” sub)
    I’ll probably add one of these to exclusively power the sub(s) in the future.
  • Rockin’ Amps
    I installed 2 of these amps with a Clarion 309 head unit. so far I am only using 1500 of the available 2000 watts, and I’m driving 5 pairs of 6.5 speakers as well as 2 10" subs. The sound is amazing! I chose to install the Amps in the open rather than hiding them away in a box due to their high quality finish as LED output indicating lights. The Install manual could have been a little mote clear on wiring different types of speakers in different ways, and the they could give a little more detail on the sound output settings, but Google filled in the gaps for me!! I researched many different Marine amps, and these had all the power I was looking for with a good "look" and reasonable price. Their performance is even higher than I expected – GREAT Value
  • Good buy for the price
    Works great to power a pyle 12" subwoofer. It is located in a wooden box at the front of the boat. The box gets extremely hot and condensation builds up, but so far it has lasted against Florida’s harsh temperatures and saltwater conditions. The blue led lights on top of the amp light up to the music and are very bright, nice feature. I was thinking about getting another 12" sub, but wasn’t sure if that would overheat the amp.
  • Looks great works great!
    I have this amp running two 6×9 and two 6.5 infinity reference marine speakers in my Sea ray bow rider. This amp has been run through the ringer at the sandbar and keeps on chugging. Stays cool and has never went into protect mode. I’m actually looking at the larger one for my tower speakers! LOVE IT!!
  • Great Amp.
    This Amplifier works great ! I have 2 more of these installed in a houseboat application. One is for interior speakers. One is for exterior speakers . I have the smaller 2 channel Pyle for top deck speakers. These play music clear as a bell no matter where the volume control is. The Led Lights are really cool in the dark too . I found one problem by mistake. I happened to loose the ground connection while the amplifier was powered up. DO NOT DO THIS!!!! It smoked everything. The cost for repair was more than the amplifier cost so I ended up buying a new one.
  • You really cant beat this amp for its price. …
    You really cant beat this amp for its price. The only drawback is that the power and ground connections are the same size as the speaker connections. It is going strong so far and I hope it will last.
  • Rock the boat
    We got this amp for our boat to run 2 8inch subs and it works perfect. We have been using it for a few months without any problems. Sounds great!
  • Five Stars
    Good sounds.
  • Five Stars
    Great amp at a nice price really drives the sound

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