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Pyle Bluetooth Marine Receiver Stereo

  • 300 WATT POWER: Let the music flow while you stay afloat with this 12v marine radio receiver by Pyle. It features 300 Watt (75W x 4) peak power output and EQ configuration so you can control the bass, treble, balance, fader for a high quality sound
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: stream audio directly from your hand-held A2DP Bluetooth enabled device like iPhone, android, smartphones, iPad, tablets and play internet radio services like Pandora through your speakers with the help of this receiver.
  • HAND FREE CALLING: This boat indash console stereo receiver has a built-in mic for answering calls and the telephone number is displayed in the LCD panel digital display. Has a call answer / end button and redial last dialed number function
  • DIGITAL FRONT PANEL: This 12 volt easy to mount headunit console receiver system features digital LCD and crisp button and knob controls, Aux-in, USB / SD slot and AM FM radio, located in the front panel. It also has RCA line out jacks in the rear.
  • UNIVERSAL SINGLE DIN: This white marine radio has a single DIN universal standard size design and replaces single din size radios. The package includes power and wiring harness, metal chassis frame bracket, outer trim frame cover, remote control
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  • great radio for the price.
    Great radio for the price. Installed this in a 25 ft pontoon boat with 4 speakers and was pleasantly surprised with the sound. Has all the functions that you would need to include Bluetooth and phone connections. the remote is nice also when you a wet from swimming.
  • Love my new radio.
    Love my new radio. This one replaces a Pyle brand radio that was in my pontoon that was probably close to 20 years old give or take. It got too wet in a torrential downpour and shorted it out.

    This new one has way more power and an amazing price. The sound is great coupled with a new set of pyle 5.25" speakers I also picked up on amazon to replace probably an equally old set of Pyle Hydra speakers. I don’t think that was the cheapest set but by far from the best Pyle offers, but them coupled with this new head unit the sound from the pontoon is better than ever. I can’t wait to pick up a set of Pyle Hydra 6.5"s to add to the boat next so I can have a 4 speaker system.

    As fast as the install it was just like any other auto/marine radio you would do. They have their wires color coded and an easy diagram in the manual. Maybe a bit overwhelming if you have never done a thing like this but it was routine for me, as I have been installing radios in things when needed for over 20 years now.
    Pyle has I think some of the best stuff on the market for the price I would really recommend them for anyone.

  • Excellent value for money
    I installed this in the cabin of my sailing yacht, connecting to existing speakers. The sound quality and power are good, but not fantastic, which however maybe due to the speakers. Adjustment of bass & trebble works very well and is easy to perform. Connecting with BT is also very easy. Programming the radio stations is standard. The only point of crliticism is on the installation instructions. You need to connect the yellow wire to a “permanent” source of power (i.e. not going through the ignition switch), in order to ensure that your settings and stations are saved for the next time. The red wire may and should come from the ignition key (“accessories”). I believe this not well explained. All in all a very good unit for the money.
  • Work great in my 2 year old’s car she loves it …

     Work great in my 2 year old’s car she loves it so much she just go sit in the car when we down in the basement just to turn the music on.I have installed many systems over years in cars and for the price and what it was used for its perfect.

  • Ease depends on whether or not the Pyle is replacing another radio.
    If this is a first install then it’s simple. If this is a replacement for an existing radio then there could be some issues depending on the size of weather protector of the first radio. Chances are the original cover is going to be larger than the one purchased for the Pyle and you won’t be able to use it. We had to remove the original protector altogether so we could bend the retaining tabs out to secure the Pyle, and then reinstall it. Sounds involved but it only took 30 minutes or so. Love the sound, remote and the bluetooth capabilities.
  • I think this is a great product for the money
    I think this is a great product for the money. No one is using CD’s anymore and this head unit provides exactly what I need BT and flashdrive port.
    Pairing took 30 seconds and was super easy with my I-Phone. Connected it to MB Quart marine amplifier and Kenwood speakers – sounds great!
  • It worked great and easy to connect to via Bluetooth
    Received the pyle Bluetooth marine radio,first thought is the Product seem to be kinda light,but it didn’t have any problem powering the (4) 6" speakers that were in there. Sound quality is o.k. I just wanted a cheap and reliable stereo in boat which I can play the music from my phone. It worked great and easy to connect to via Bluetooth.
  • Easy Install / Great Sound
    The unit was very easy to install. I replaced a much more expensive top brand unit that did its job for years, but deteriorated due to salt life elements. The Pyle unit has just as much power & sounds great on board.
  • great price with an easy install
    Radio was a very easy install and sounds fine for the price. I am sure if I upgraded my boat speakers it would ge great. I haven’t tried the remote as of yet. But the bluetooth hooked right up to my phone and worked fine. So far it is a great radio for the price.
  • Five Stars
    Inexpensive alternative with lots of features. I can replace one of these every year at this cost.

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