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Protector Anti Scratch Anti fingerprint Anti Bubble Definition

  • Highly durable, and scratch resistant – 9H+ hardness, protects your screen from scratching and tearing effectively.
  • 2.5D round edge provides more comfortable handle feeling than the right angle edge, and will never hurt your fingers.
  • 99.99% HD Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy,keeps high-sensitivity touch response
  • Laser-cut dimensions provide maximum protection for the screen of your device,perfect cut and fit for your screen
  • Scratch Resistant & Anti-fingerprints & Oil-proof & Dust-free: This 9H hardness screen protector can effectively protect your cell phone’s screen from accidental scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard items
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  • Just a bit too small.
    Great deli havery, clear instructions and really easy to apply – no bubbles at all! Although it doesn’t get star as the of thecreen protector aren’t down, there appears to be air around the , so I did it again and made sure to push the right away but they still do not stick. It isn’t a huge problem but can look imperfect. Only been on for a few days so I can’t rate its strength on protecting my screen but looks like it would do a good job.
  • I’ve always been a fan of products. I …
    It is true that there are no bubbles. Follow the directions and if you get the screen on your phone truly clean, the protector glass will seat itself without bubbles.
    . I have used and installed many different brands of these screen protectors and I want to say the fit to the phone provided complete coverage of the screen which is rare,many only cover the bare minimum. if need I will be ordering more soon.Thank you so much!
  • compared to other screen protectors my screen…
    Great Product. Very easy to set up and they explain everything to you in small steps so virtually anyone can do it, you can defiantly tell the quality in the product compared to other cheaper alternatives and it is worth spending more because I’m sure it will be useable for a very long time. Overall i would recommend this to anyone who is prone to dropping their phone, it will save you a lot of money on having to get your screen replaced.
  • One of the best screen protectors I have used in a while
    The first one did not stick on one corner, int an e-mail to and a new one was shipped without any problems and an apology, the only other custo merrvice like this is apple, i fitted thecond one without any problems but then I had one i didn’t need so time for a test, I tried to scratch it, first with my keys, then the pointy end of a sharp kitchen knife, i really gave some nasty abuse but the screen protector remained scratch free,
  • One try and it was perfect! Love that the gla…
    Wish all these tempered glass protectors would come with a tray – it makes install effortless. Got this for the wife as replacement after a really thin and cheap pair of glass protectors failed. The install was fast and perfect. Sticks, no halo on the edges, and is properly aligned. Glass feels smooth and the edges are not sharp, which is important near that finger print scanner. Would definitely recommend.
  • It’s perfect!
    yet again have deliver a great quality product. I’m also very impressed as usual with their aging which some may feel a bit OTT but I’m a sucker for clever and nice stuff like this. Some may not like the fact that this screen protector is quite thick but I bought it to fully protect my screen without interfering with using the touch screen or distorting the quality of the screen and thing this does a perfect job on my phone .
  • Very clear
    I rarely take the time to write reviews but I was extremely happy with these screen protectors, I’ve gotten some before and they were just the screen which is what I expected but this brand comes with everything you need to put the screen on perfectly and aligned properly. They pretty much made it idiot proof which is awesome because it always drove me crazy when the screen was always a little crooked lol
  • My phone just fell screen down
    So my Phone just got dropped and the phone’s screen is still pristine. The glass now shows hairline cracks, but I can live with that. It did its job. It bounced off my forklift fender and face down on concrete. I have already ordered another one for when this one gets too bad. Definitely worth the price for cheap screen insurance, compared to replacement.
  • Trust
    Bought it as I was hoping it would fit the phone , but unfortunately it didn’t seem to line up properly and didn’t fit flush to the (partly my fault). Also once it was on, there was a bubble mark below it which wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard I tried to smooth it out. So therefore I had to bin it and order a new one from another supplier.
  • Definitely Purchase This!! Awesome product!!
    Very happy with the purchase. I did like guider that allowed me to place the tempered glass screen protector on the phone easily. It’s hard to mess up if you follow the directions. I ended up with a couple of air bubbles that aren’t noticeable when phone is being used. Overall, a great purchase for a great price and comes with a warranty.

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