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Projector Portable Bluetooth Computer TOUMEI

  • 【BEST】TOUMEI new portable projector is the same size with iPhone X, Weight only 0.58lb with a compact and portable design easy to use. This portable projector is easy to carry,will not take up too much space.2.4G/5G WIFI connected to the network.The mini phone projector for iphone android offers 34″ to 120″ large projection screen size with projection distance 3ft-10ft.Support HDMI input to laptop, Game host, TV box, Support external Bluetooth Speaker.
  • 【1 YEAR WARRANTY】FBA delivery. If Amazon sends you the product which is the second sale, you can contact us immediately for free replacement.One year warranty.If there are any other problems with our portable video projector, please contact us.Support replacement.Customer service email is available in 24 hours, timely reply.If there is an exception on the same screen, you may need to upgrade happycast.
  • 【WIRED & WIRELESS SAME SCREEN】The hd projector support multi device with the same screen through wifi or HDMI cable.It is easy to connet.The method of connection is described in the description.The pico portable projector with both off-axis effect and trapezoidal function.We choose to highlight H3S DLP light machine, you can enjoy a brighter picture, richer color, higher contrast(2000:1),mini dlp projector support 1080p. You can use the mobile power to charge,can easily endurance in outdoor.
  • 【HD & DURABLE】The smart pico portable projector use the latest LED technology, OSRAM LED lights work 30000 hours. The mini portable projector support full 1080P HD video. Enjoy HD image projection up to 120 inches. The portable video projector is 100 AISN lumens.It was bright enough for movie, gaming or camping.In a darker room, the projection is better.
  • 【WIDELY USED】This small video projector with automatic keystone correction.Using the mini beam projector to watch movie, play games, watch the game,hold a party(such as Halloween Party ), preside over a working meeting,etc.The portable projector can be used both indoor and outdoor .This portable projector is the best gift for family and friends(such as Easter Day gift).Built-in office app,Simple operation PPT, word, Excel.
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  • Almost as small as my iPhone x!
    This mini projector is almost as small as my iPhone X, it’s a great device for outdoor activities, such as traveling, camping, hiking, etc.
    Additionally, its built-in wifi is very useful for connecting with my iPhone X so that I can watch the videos and play games in a better way.
  • Great project
    Great projector! I love how portable it is, so easy to take on trips.
    I got this for my husband but, I’ve been using it just as often if not more than he does. It’s wonderful to use outside, Love to set up my own personal drive in movie theatre. You can use a white sheet for a screen or even a wall in your own home. The picture quality is amazing! It is rechargeable, plenty of time to watch a movie without recharging. . The display is about 120 inches! It comes with a little stand. This is great, means it can be set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors. It hooks up to phones, game consoles, DVD players, laptops and more. It comes with everything you need, the projector, stand, charging cord/block.
    I’m very impressed with this projector. It comes with a 1 year warranty and the bulb lasts 20,000 hours. It would make a great gift. It really is amazing!
  • Love this little projector.
    Love this little projector.
    It is so small. Very easy to set up. Come with a nice light weight little tripod. Take a little time to figure out all the wires. I was able to set it up with my computer quickly and start streaming video through Netflix. The resolution is good enough to watch a movie….or our favorite British baking show. We do need to close the blind of the room to view it. But it doesn’t have to be completely dark. We were able to project it to as big is the entire wall of the room.And it is easy to adjust to focus.
    The sound is on the soft side. But that’s to be expected for a projector at this size, and it can be easily fixed by using a speaker. The battery allow you to use it even when power is not available. I didn’t test how long the battery will last. But for a quick short film, there is not problem at all.
    Unfortunately I am not able to connect it with my phone. I have a Galaxy s7. Just got a Roku stick, going to test it out before I report back.
  • I think this projector is a bargain
    Great product! It would be better connected to high-speed Internet, a whole new world of movie access seemed to have opened. I usually like to collect movies and this allows me to preview before buying. Also allows me to watch the movies that make me curious.
    The default set up provides so much. I initially thought that the price I paid might be too much but after 1 day of browsing I would say that this is a bargain. The default programs will get you started and even if that is all that you use, it is worth the money.
    I also like that this is USB compatible so I can watch saved or ripped movies
  • Enjoy using this mini projector

     I really enjoy using this mini projector. I took it on my camping trip with my wife and it was very useful. We watched a movie on a white sheet and it looked great. I can’t get over how small and compact it is. It easily connects to my windows computer and my phone. It comes with all the necessary accessories and it overall a high quality product. I especially like the tripod to hold it steadily in place. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • Great little unit.Clear image.Easy set up.
    I needed to purchase an affordable projector for a Sunday meeting. I found rent a device also spend too much money.It is worth to buy a projector.
    After I read all the reviews,I buy this one.I didn’t want to buy something that was junk, either. I wanted reasonable quality. This unit fit the bill perfectly. As soon as it arrived, we pulled it out of the box, connected it to my old laptop, and it worked beautifully. The unit arrived on time.And in great packing.
    Great little unit.Clear image.Easy set up.
    Seller was quick and timely in answering my email concerning delivery date.
  • Great portable projector

     This projector is amazing! Really it is. It is so portable, but packs a HUGE punch. I am so amazed at what that little projector can do.
    I purchased it right before mu daughter’s sleepover and they had a great time watching video on the wall (and at some points even watching it on the ceiling)! I am very happy with this product, have told many people about it and I look for every opportunity to use it. lol!So we can have movies in our backyard and I have big plans for movie nights when we go camping in the summer. This device is perfect for that given it is so small and so easy to transport.

  • Very good projector for it’s size…
    Very good projector for it’s size. I bought this projector because I needed something portable and still bright enough to take around with me when I go to different places and give presentations and was very impressed by this! It works great for a presentation for a group of about 10 people but we needed to close the curtain and dim the lighting. It was easy to set up my laptop with it. This projector is a true wireless one unlike traditional HDMI Projector. It’s so great. I’ve had no problems with it so far. Definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a projector that’s easy to carry around and great brightness
  • I bought this for outdoor movie watching

     I bought this projector for outdoor movie watching, and its pretty much plug and play. It was recommended as the projector of choice by an outdoor theater guys guide I found on the net. The projector is bright enough to watch, and the price seemed reasonable for the specs it offers. I’m looking forward to lots of summers watching movies outside with my kids, and think it will double up well as an extra screen should I need one.

  • Love this projector

     Clear projection, brightness can be adjusted. These are the video and photo of the game. Very easy set up. Just plug and play. Used for watching films on blank white wall. Very good results prefect. Also used with hard disk and TF card, really great experience using this. The fan is not that loud, I didn’t notice fan noise while watching movies. This is my first projector and I am very pleased with results.

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