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PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Old

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  • The most affordable and most comfortable VR headset is here.

    – Once you complete the quick calibration, go to the PS4 Settings menu and into VR Options and complete the detailed calibration. This will help out will the immersion, and make sure your setup is perfect.

    – There are tons of free games and apps on the store, it’s a good idea to get started on downloading them now, so they’ll be ready to play once your PSVR headset arrives.

    – DO NOT place your PSVR unit anywhere it will come into contact with sunlight. The lens on the headset will collect the sunlight and focus it onto a single point on the screen inside. Repeated exposure will leave small spots on your screen that will ruin your experience with the system.

    – DO NOT start your first VR experience with a game that involves a lot of motion. So no DriveClub or Eve: Valkyrie. This will make you motion sick and give you nausea. Start will less intense games and demos and work your way up. Ease yourself into the more intense experiences and you won’t have any problems.

    – If you do get motion sickness, take off the headset right away. Some people will try to power through the sickness, but after you start feeling sick the longer you stay in the headset, the longer the sickness will last. Just take it off, and go back in after a little break. Maybe try an easier and more comfortable game first.

    – If you’re getting blurry vision while playing, try this: go to Settings->Devices->PSVR->Measure eye to eye distance. Make sure you’re 70cm from the camera when doing the setup. Might not sound like a big deal, but doing it at that distance will really help.Read more

  • Gaming on a whole new level!
    Don’t listen to the naysayers. Yes, the resolution is lower compared to a 1080p television but the sense of immersion is on a whole different level. I have been gaming since the Atari days and my experience with this headset easily makes my top 3 gaming moments. Just take the time to adjust the headset properly (advanced calibration settings for fine tuning) and you are all set for a mind blowing experience!Read more
  • Glad I preordered months ago!
    My expectations were surpassed in every way.

    First off I’ve used the Vive (which blew me away) but not the rift, My first console was a hand me down atari, and I remember fondly wasting money and hours in the arcades any chance I could get as a child in the 80’s (including our sad version of VR.) I have always been a console/handheld gamer and only stray to a PC once in a blue moon so you can imagine I don’t have a monster rig to run either of the other aforementioned headsets’.

    I got the chance to try the PS VR at a Best Buy demo one weekend. The experience was okay but the headset wasn’t adjusted properly so it was extremely blurry, the sound kept dropping and I wasn’t allowed to try the demo I wanted to (The London heist.)
    Since I’ve tried many a gaming products before retail release i attributed my experience to a rushed and uncontrollable environment. I figured once I got my own unit home in a few months I would be able to adjust it to my liking, if it didn’t suffice I would just sell it back.

    Fast forward a few months to launch day where I serendipitously had the day off. I awaited my package to see if my purchase was justified. It came around 2:30 p.m. I had downloaded demos and apps the day before. So I wouldn’t have to wait to experience other features of the device.

    Setup was fairly easy I just had to finagle my Entertainment center a smidge, I got out my gaming chair, took a seat and hit the power switch on the headset. I did the calibration, the fine tuning physically to my liking and cranked the volume up on the included ear buds (which I was skeptical of and wanted to use some of my more expensive ones so I wouldn’t be cheated out of my experience.)
    The first thing I tried was Allumette which is basically a short VR animation experience (think of yourself as an omnipotent being watching a group of peoples lives play out where you can inspect from multiple viewpoints and angles.) The first surprise was the audio from the ear buds was clear, and robust. Second surprise was the ‘game’ said it’s better experienced standing. In all of the preview videos and coverage I’ve kept on this thing they never said you could really move beyond your seat for this HMD. I got up and started walking and looking inside the world and started proclaiming expletives that this awesome little piece of tech was now in my possession. Now you won’t be doing room scale VR like the Vive but in more than one title i own you were able to move about besides just sitting there (which is a marvel in itself.) I tried another experience and was smiling like I hadn’t in a while with video games.

    Then it was on to the demo disc included with every unit. I tried all the demos except for the games I had purchased prior to the launch of the system and I was again taken aback by the different games on offer and what VR really adds to them, for me there were 3 standout demos. Driveclub VR was beyond immersive and I happen to be someone who has never suffered from motion sickness so I was good to go, I have the original driveclub and I am not really its biggest fan (does it look pretty? sure, but it was missing something for me and I honestly don’t know what it is.) This loses some visual fidelity but I enjoyed my time with the demo more than the original game! The kitchen demo which I made the mistake of thinking was the same one that’s been on offer for months since e3 (it wasn’t) and let’s just say horror in VR will most likely kill a few people…And the last standout for me was Headmaster just because it was pure, simple fun with English humor tossed in for good measure. Of all the titles I sampled I will be looking into buying about five of them sooner then later.

    The games I have for the PS VR are as follows: VR worlds (came with the bundle) short but memorable games and experiences all of which are at least good except, I hate the luge. It feels so out of place and lackluster (sorry guys.)
    Battle zone: Pretty tank shooter that’s fun playing with others, hard as hell on your own.

    Batman VR: Be the Batman on detective duty IMO the most beautiful game on offer from the current lineup also a game with a lot of movement though you can play it seated if you like. It’s just a tad short but for only $20.00 it’s worth it.

    Rez infinite: The rhythm shooter Rez is back! A lot easier with head tracking for aiming and camera movement and area x makes you wish they would’ve just made a new one from the ground up (It’s mesmerizing and the track that plays is fantastic.)

    Until Dawn Rush of Blood: Horror, Guns, Rollercoasters. I was shocked at how much this one made me scream and the fun factor. For $20.00 It’s a steal.

    The Playroom VR: Social VR games, great audio and visuals and it’s free! Oh and the Mini Robot Rescue or Search game included is incredible (If they make that a standalone game I’ll buy it day one special edition!) Seriously download it just to try that out if anything.

    Sorry for going on and on but I love the PS VR and I’ve had people come over to try it and they’ve been smitten as well. No it’s not as powerful as the PC counterparts, it has 10 degrees less field of view, it makes use of controllers with old tech (I still have my move controllers from my PS3 and they’re the same.) that aren’t always that accurate, It’s not room scale VR but, it’s beyond immersive, It’s comfortable, it costs less and it has more uses than just gaming. If your tech savvy/forward in the least bit give any of the HMDs a try. You’ll see that a new reality awaits (pun intended.)Read more

  • Sold! Sony just brought it big time.
    I really don’t know what to say. I was torn for so long about the price. I am not a serious gamer but I do like to play video games now and then. I will never forget the first time I saw Lawnmower Man and thinking how cool would VR be. The applications could be infinite. The ability to immerse yourself into a world generated artificially could transport you from reality to something better. After setting up PSVR the first time I had to wait for the updates that always seem to be there every time I turn the console on but after a few minutes I was up and running. I have not played a full game yet and have only been exploring the demo disk but, WOW! This is amazing. The movement of the game is amazing. I can only imagine I look like an idiot standing in a room turning my head and body but from an player perspective diving into the game and seeing all x, y, and z axis is truly surreal. If you get a chance to try before you buy just look at VR Worlds Ocean demo and you will be sold. If you can afford it, buy it. It is definitely worth the money. I may have just become a gamer. I can’t wait to see what comes next.Read more

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