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Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera

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  • Focus issues
    Just bought. The blue tooth is cool. But focusing far away Is a issue. The instructions that came with the camera didn’t go into details.

    The photos below show how far this lens goes. I was standing on my patio and took these. In the wide show you can hardly make out the apartments and the water tower!Read more

  • Fantastic!
    Great camera. Granddaughter took a picture of the moon and it looks like it is through a telescope. I could not believe the quality!Read more
  • Awesome zoom with crisp pictures
    I use this for work and pleasure. Awesome zoom with crisp pictures. Love that I can now use AA batteries in this camera, as previous Coolpix purchase had a battery pack.
    I can now download my pictures to my phone or any Bluetooth devise, amazing.
    Highly recommended this camera, and a low price too.Read more
  • Jury is still out
    So far not super impressed. I like the features but too may images turn out fuzzy. Seems any little motion throws off the auto focus. Not sure if the camera has a flaw or if it’s me. The tilting screen is very nice.Read more
  • It Surprised Me
    I had a very small Sony digital camera before this one that I adored. Unfortunately I accidentally dropped and broke it, so I had to purchase a replacement. We were going on the very first official Star Trek Cruise in 2 weeks so I was kind of desperate for a new camera. At first, I didn’t like it because of the size. It’s larger and much heavier than I was expecting, but after using it for a few months, learning how it works, and getting used to it, I find I LOVE this camera. It takes absolutely gorgeous pictures. It has so many awesome features.

    I use the camera mostly for taking pictures for my blog (about my knitting and beadwork) and Etsy shop. I do a lot of close up macro photos. This camera does beautiful close ups. With my old Sony I frequently had to do some photo editing because the pictures would either be too dark or too light. This Nikon does an outstanding job of balancing the light. I rarely have to do any photo editing where light is concerned. I’ve included a few I’ve taken.

    I’m very glad I bought it. (I should mention, it arrived in plenty of time to take on our cruise-which was a blast.)Read more

  • Great!
    Wish the instructions were better but slowly learning all of the features. Promises to be more than I hoped for.Read more
  • Great Camera with Amazing Zoom
    Great camera! Takes great pictures and the zoom is amazing. The only drawback is that there is no viewfinder and the screen is difficult to see in sunlight, but for this price (I paid $250) this camera can’t be beat!Read more
  • Very nice camera.
    Very nice and great photos. Easy to use for us low skill picture takers.Read more

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