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Michael Kors Access Smartwatch MKT4002

  • Smartwatch that tracks activities and provides notifications
  • Technology meets jet-set style
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
  • Compatibility: Android OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.1+; Battery Life: Up to 6 months ; Included Accessories: Quick Start Guide, Warranty, Case Back Tool
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  • What A Gem!!!!
    First of all this will be a bit of a longer review as there are many neat features and this is also a hybrid watch.
    To start, I bought this item at best buy, not Amazon, but its exactly the same product and I love it so much I have been reviewing as much as I can! This product is everything I wanted! This watch does not have a touch screen or digital screen, for some that is a deal breaker but for me that was a definite seller. I had been searching for a nice "luxury" watch that actually looked like and functioned as a normal watch does but melds smart watch capabilities within it too.

    I also should mention I wasn’t looking for a thousand features as some other watches have. This watch will track your sleep and steps via the app, it also will keep track of a goal you set (you decide on your goal: water intake, workouts etc). The three buttons on the side let you view a second time zone if you choose to set one, view latest alerts and who they are from (you set contacts to the numbers you want in the app and the watch hands move to that number) and also vibrates to alert you of calls etc. You can also set an alarm.
    hen there is the wonderful "Michael kors link" which is controlled with your third button and you set it up from the app. You choose what this does from the options of: ring your phone (for people who misplace theirs like I do haha) and it will even ring it if its on silent, controlling your music: play, pause, previous, next and you can control your phone camera with it. This watch is so gorgeous. Very nice design. Great to look at, nice weight to it, and it takes regular batteries as well which I love. A lot of smart watches that are rechargeable do start to lose charge and not hold charge as long or as well over an extended period of time but with this watch you just put in a new battery! They are quite cheap and I have a few on hand for whenever I should need it. The watch and app will notify you of low battery which is great so it just doesn’t die on you. The last thing I can say is that this is also completely comfortable to wear to sleep. I have worn it every night and day and have owned it for over a month now.

    Overall I would definitely recommend this watch and I have already gushed about it to everyone I can.Read more

  • Gorgeous
    Nice my wife loves it, once sync with her iPhone 6plus monitors any options she programed just jazzy enough for her without exposing exercise in progressRead more
  • Bf loved it
    Boyfriend loved it as a Christmas gift! The aesthetic of a nice gold watch, but also has smart functions!Read more
  • Excellent alternative to a smartwatch with a screen and a battery that needs regular charging.
    If you like the idea of tracking your physical activity on a "smart" watch, but prefer wearing a watch more traditional in style, then a hybrid "smart" watch like this Michael Kors Access might be the right choice!

    I picked this particular "smart" watch because not only did I want to track my physical activity, but my work requires frequent interaction with customers and I need to be able to subtly glance at my watch for the time without having to make some funny and obvious motion with my arm to illuminate the watch and get the time like you do you with other smart watches. To me, tapping on one’s watch to get the time is the same as pulling one’s phone out to check the time – it can be considered "rude" by the person with whom I’m speaking.

    So did this watch check all my boxes? Yes – not only can I easily glance at the time, it sends my activity via Bluetooth to my phone. It’s very covert, no one ever asks me how I’m doing on my steps for the day because they have no idea that this is a "smart" watch!

    The watch came in great gift-quality packaging, with the watch wrapped around a white leather-like pillow. Inside the box is a tool for removing the back of the case in order to replace the common CR2430 battery and a start-up guide that allowed me to quickly and easily set up the syncing to my iPhone 6. Yes, you do have to download the free Michael Kors app in order get your data. The app is very simple and straightforward, tracking your steps, your sleep, and your progress on any goals that you set for yourself. BTW, these goals can be as simple as reminding yourself to drink extra water during the day, not just related to physical activity.

    So of course this watch tells time, but how does it do at tracking activity? Well, if you or your friends have ever had a "smart" watch, then you know these things are never perfect when it comes to tracking your steps. I use my hands a lot when I speak, and sometimes these gestures are recorded as steps. I can literally sit at a desk and register 20 steps, just by talking on the phone! But once you understand this, you don’t care, and you accept the number of steps that any "smart" watch records will have a percent of inaccuracy. I don’t sleep with my watch on, so I cannot comment on how well it tracks your sleep.

    BTW, this watch seems to be just as good at tracking steps as my fitbit, testing head-to-head while walking around my neighborhood (and looking goofy wearing two watches).

    If you’re like me and need a way of motivating yourself to go for a walk or park further away from the store to get your body some much-needed activity, but still want to wear a traditional-styled watch, this one is a good choice.Read more

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