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Lowrance 000 12421 001 Fishfinder Chartplotter Downscan

  • Fish finder chartplotter combo
  • Built-in GPS antenna for accurate positioning
  • CHIRP Sonar and Downscan Imaging for a detailed view beneath the surface
  • TrackBack lets you review recorded sonar history
  • Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) reduces the need for manual adjustments
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  • Tremendous Fish Finder
    This is a fantastic fish finder with some more advanced features over the Lowrance Hook series. If you are shopping for an upgrade, or looking to buy your first fish finder, here are some details that might help you out.

    Comparison to Hook Series
    The TI units are a significant upgrade to the Hook units and this is reflected in the price tag. The Hook series are great introductory fish finders and if you are buying your first, then the Hook series is a great option. If you are ready to upgrade to a more advanced unit, or want to "buy once" then this is what you get compared to the Hook series.

    Faster processor:
    In general, the TI units are faster in response to inputs. This is seen when quickly switching between sonar, downscan, chart, and split screens. The Hook units will show some lag on button pushes and screen switching. The big ticket item though is maps. If you install a mapping card such as Navionics or the free C-Map Genesis which has a lot of map detail, then moving around the map with the cursor or when running down the lake can lag significantly on the Hook units, but is seamless with the TI units.

    Touch Input:
    This is significant. When scrolling around the sonar screen or chart, setting waypoints, etc touch input is much smoother and quicker. On the Hook unit you have to use the arrow keys and buttons to do everything, which is slower, more confusing, and tedious. Imagine using your smart phone with no touch screen but with arrow keys and buttons instead and you get the idea. Touch input reduces frustration on the water.

    On the TI units if you buy the TotalScan transducer you get side scan imaging in additional to traditional sonar and downscan imaging. On the Hook units side scan is not available. You can buy the TI units without the TotalScan transducer, instead you get a transducer that does traditional sonar and downscan imaging (same as Hook). The TotalScan option costs a lot more $$$ so you have to decide if side imaging is worth the money for your particular circumstances.

    Additional Options:
    On the TI unit you get additional features such as various sonar color palletes, different waypoint icons, a line indicating course and heading on the chart, etc. There are a lot of little details that are not available on Hook units, but they are not that significant overall.

    You can remotely display and control the TI fish finders. So if your fish finder is on the back of the boat and you are up front using the trolling motor, you can still view and control the fish finder. Also you can download maps and upgrades easier using wifi. Not available on Hook.

    You can control power poles using the unit via bluetooth, this isn’t available on Hook.

    Comparison to Elite-7 TI
    At the time of this writing the Elite-7 TI is $200 more expensive than the Elite-5 TI. So what does that $200 get you?
    * Obviously, a bigger screen
    * Trolling motor autopilot (Motorguide Xi5)
    * NMEA 2000 (connect external sensors, such as engine, external gps antenna, etc)

    So is the extra $200 worth it? You’ll have to decide for yourself for me the $200 didn’t justify the larger screen as I wouldn’t use the other features, so I went with the Elite-5. After using the Elite-5 TI on the water I found the screen size was suitable and I didn’t really need the seven inch screen.

  • Awesome.
    Very easy to use being touch screen and I added the platinum navionics card making it have goggle earth overlay
  • Five Stars
    Thank you!

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