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JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Great speaker in a small size
    This speaker is super clear and very loud for its size. It doesnt buzz when you turn it up all the way and has good range from bass to acoustic. It sucks that it doesnt show the battery percentage but i did notice that it does show on my phone. Idk about android but with iphone if you pull down the notifications it shows the exact percentage.Read more
  • Amazing speaker – Great sound
    Amazing little speaker and speaker/phone. I got this and synced with my iPhone and was a truly amazed at the quality of sound from this little device. Good clean sound and able to provide a high output without distortion.Read more
  • Killer sound and easy set-up
    My experience: 1. opened the box 2. Pressed the power button 3. Pressed the Bluetooth button (my iphone found it immediately) 4. Selected Golden Earring on my iphone and 5. Rock out to Twilight Zone. This is what I’m getting everyone for their birthday this year. Great sound.Read more
  • A good alternative to upgrading my basic car stereo. Bluetooth YES!
    This speaker does exactly what I need. I have an older, very basic car, no aux input and terrible speakers. I bought this speaker to listen to audio books. This speaker has bluetooth so I can easily connect my phone and listen to audio books or music during my long commute to work. It may seem a little weird to do that through a little speaker sitting in the console or on the seat. But this little guy is a better quality speaker, and has bluetooth. Upgrading my car’s car’s stereo would have been a more expensive option. Oh and trying to listen through my phone’s speakers was terrible. So now I have a portable speaker that can also be used for camping, picnics, etc.Read more
  • Great for its price!!
    Great gift for my mother! Just wished the distance between the device connected to the bluetooth speaker was longer. Other than that, great blend of bass and acoustic! Totally recommend it!!!Read more
  • Impressed
    Thought I had reviewed this already. It is massive, but I love it. I use it for music and navigation in the car, for clear directions. Very helpful, practical, nice looking, and I am getting used to the size. I bought the larger version for music on my boudoir. Impressive!Read more
  • Very portable, good sound, easy to connect
    This speaker is great. It is super portable, it turns on super quickly and connects quickly as well. The audio quality sounds great to me and the volume is good (but won’t knock your socks off). This was a great purchase for a last minute vacation pack. I am very pleased with it and have been using it as a shower speaker with great success. It is very portable and light.Read more
  • good sound
    pretty good sound for such a small speaker! and waterproof and very portable and light too. you could listen to music on this and it won’t hurt your ears. you could enjoy it. not like a bose mini or that amount of bass but still much lighter and still has a pretty hefty bassRead more

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