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iPhone Lightning Adapter Jackiey Support

Oh no what have I done? So, if you’d asked me last yeat my thoughts on mechanical keyboards my answer would have been "why would you pay 100+ dollars for a keyboard that’s stupid." The more people talked about them though the more it piqued my interest. I decided to …

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Replaced Remote MD199LL MC572LL MC377LL

Compatible with nun Apple TV When I first opened I wasn’t sure it would work. This remote is bigger and very light. But to my surprise, it worked and now I actually like this size better! The buttons seem to work just as good as the original remote I have …

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NEWEST Bluetooth Headphones 12 14 Battery

Good for home business I bought this headset for my home business job. It works good so far. With a holder to hold the headset, save place, and headset is very comfortable to wear. In addition, the sound is pretty clear, I can hear my customer voice clearly. Very good …

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HONEST KIN Bluetooth Sound Bar

Amazing bluetoothspeaker I’m really happy with this product. Plenty loud for what I need it for.I purchased this to connect with my Amazon Dot,the sound quality is great. The addition of using a micro sd card to play music is nice. This bluetoothspeaker is amazing. it deserve for this price.Purchasing this was a great choice and I would highly suggest purchasing this product if you are in the market for a great sounding portable speaker . Awesome sound bar at this price Awesome sound bar at this price. The quality is good enough. It’s also convenient for using. I brought this to camping all the time. Recommend it! Five Stars Very good speaker. Good sound quality. Remote controll is kinda trash though.

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Etekcity Protector Charger Outlet Extender

My Favorite Surge Protector. ETEKCITY Does It Again. Six ‘Smart’ Plugs And Four ‘Smart’ Ports. Sleek Design. Large Plugs Fit.  * Outstanding Surge Protector With 6 Large, 3 Prong Plugs. 4 USB Ports. It’s Mountable And It’s Smart.* I needed a new surge protector. (See Pic Of OLD One). Without …

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