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DJI Phantom Quadcopter Starters Backpack


  • Phantom 4 Pro features a 1″ 20MP CMOS sensor with gimbal-stabilized 4K60 / 20MP imaging.
  • Drone camera features Flight Autonomy with redundant sensors and four directions of obstacle avoidance.
  • Features a top speed of 45 mph in Sport Mode with a maximum control range of 4.3 miles.
  • Features gimbal stabilization technology, along with a hover function that allows you to capture smooth aerial footage.
  • Quadcopter drone offers up to 30 minutes of flying time and includes remote control.
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  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
    This was a great bundle for the price. The Phantom Pro is selling for this price without all the extras. The drone arrived ahead of schedule which was great. Everything was as advertised. I would buy from this vendor again. DJI Phantom 4 PRO Quadcopter Starters Hard Shell Backpack BundleRead more
  • love the backpack
    Had this for a few weeks and have been loving it. I may try to find the backpack separately to review (that they’re throwing in to sweeten the deal) because it is really nice to have and keeps everything nice and protected when getting out and about. Not sure I see the value in the extra landing gear attachments but that’s fine.Read more
  • Great drone for the price.
    Top of the line drone at this price point. Doesn’t really deliver on the distance promises but even in wide open fields you can expect to get over a mile away easily. Drone is a little unstable in winds compared to other drones like the Autel X-Star.Read more
  • Remarkable engineering
    It’s a remarkable piece of engineering. Get the P4P for the superior camera, if you want to record in 4K or take 20 mp pictures for large display viewing. The quality of the camera is comparable to that of the Sony RX100, which is what I was flying before, but on a less reliable platform. I selected this package because of the backpack, but I was unaware that it shipped with its own carrying case you see in the picture on the left hand side. So only get the backpack if you really need to backpack with this; otherwise the carrying case you get for "free" is works well for transport and storage of the P4P. The backpack does not offer any additional storage space for your equipment over the free carrying case.Read more
  • Perfect!
    100% satisfied with this drone, the batteries need to be improved, not enough flying timeRead more
  • Perfect!
    Awesome product!Read more
  • Perfect!
    Great product, fast deliveryRead more
  • Fast delivery as describe works great I love it
    Fast delivery as describe works great I love itRead more

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