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Conbrov Activated Security Recorder 10000mah

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  • Records in 720p and even in Total Darkness with no possible way of being detected.
     This is the first Security camera that I have seen that if you were to pick it up, you would have no idea it is a camera capable or recording both video and sound. It can even record in total darkness as it uses inferred lights that to the naked eye can not be seen. In normal light it has stunning video that is recorded in 720p. I have included a few clips from the camera at the end of my review.

    Take Care, GrandpaJakeRead more

  • I absolutely love this hidden camera frame!
    This hidden camera frame is very cool! It was a breeze to setup and I had everything up and running in minutes except I did need to charge the battery first. The video quality is very good, not iphone great, but very good and you can make out faces and far objects easily.
    I’m using this frame just in my living room facing the door entry. The wide lens actually captures most of the room, more than I thought it would.
    Since I have many guests at my house, this was a no brainer to get. Just gives me a little piece of mind in case something happens.

    720p HD quality looks better than I expected.
    Super stealth, really can’t tell at all and the frame is so light.
    Long battery, just need to set self alarm to remind myself to recharge every month or so.
    Loop recording is a huge plus especially if you have a small memory card.

    Night time/low light is ok, could be better, but that’s common with all cameras.
    Didn’t take my 128gb microsd card, looks like 32gb is the maximum.
    would like to see 60fps option.
    would like to see a wifi version, but that would kill battery.

    Even with a few cons, I’m still very happy with the purchase, especially for the price as similar items cost 2-3x more. I am thinking about getting a 2nd one in the house since this one worked out so well!Read more

  • very impressed with this
    Absolutely amazed by the quality of this hidden camera .This is by far the most impressive hidden camera i have came across ,the frame itself is beautiful and elegant and the photo inside is so beautiful ,i haven’t even changed because i love it .Once you remove the outter layer on the frame is where you will discover where the hidden camera is .You will have to have a memory card to be able to record and view footage .This is very simple to use you have the option to record with audio or not ,power off/on,motion detector and the record button .Included with your package is charging cable,wall mount screws , memory card reader ,instruction manual and a warning sticker . Using this is so simple and easy all you have to do activate motion detector choose if you want sound of or on and hot the record button .The quality of the video is very nice the only thing i would love is maybe adding a app where you could stream to your device .Read more
  • Probably the most unexpectedly fantastic item ever
     Probably the most unexpectedly fantastic item ever! I have had several items disappear from my room, and wanted to figure out by who. This is a beautiful frame that holds a picture, and either mounts on a wall or has an integrated flip out stand. All the controls for the camera and storage are inside tucked away so nobody looking at it can tell it’s anything other than a photo frame. Simple to use with the excellent instruction manual, and clearly labeled control buttons. The 32gb storage (with SD Card) holds about 4-5 hrs of footage, and since your only recording small segments of time with movement; that’s months of footage. I checked mine today and the clarity of the recording is the same as my laptop screen, amazing!Read more
  • The best spy camera I’ve ever seen!
    This spy camera is one of the best ones I have ever seen. There are lots of small spy cameras out there you can try and hide yourself, but this one is already hidden inside of a picture frame. You can put your own picture in it too so it will really look like a picture you hung up. You honestly would never know that this is a camera. You could put this on your desk, on a shelf or hang it from the wall. Even if someone picks it up they will never know its anything but a picture frame. I’ts that good! See the example where I put it on an end table in my office/guest room. It just looks like it belongs there.

    The video quality is very good as it records at 720p HD quality. You just put in a micro SD card and it records it. There is a micro SD to USB converter included so you can just plug it into your computer. This also takes very good night vision so even if someone comes in the room in the dark it will record them.

    If you are looking for a spy camera that you can hide in plain sight this is exactly what you need. I highly recommend it!Read more

  • Good instructions, good image quality
    I’ve used a few of these types of cameras before, and this one is by far the best concealed of any of them. Even up close this just looks like a picture frame, with nothing to give away that it contains a camera.

    The frame pops off with little effort, which allows you to pop in a photo and access the electronics. It comes with a micro USB cable to charge it, a microSD USB reader, instructions, and a sticker warning that a camera is in use. You can read the videos from the frame by plugging the frame into a computer, or use the card reader. I found it easier to just connect it to a computer.

    The frame has 2 modes, either constant recording, or motion activated. My video is taken from the frame sitting on a chest of drawers. Since picture frames point upwards, it would make sense to keep this one as low as possible, such as on a coffee or end table. The video is clear, with no jumpiness. There is a slight dark tint to it, similar to wearing sunglasses, since the camera is hidden.Read more

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