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AOKII Earphones Earbuds Headphones Perfect

  • Stylish and Practical Design –Precision CNC engineering perfectly cut angle combine with silicone earbuds enhances earphones’ skid resistance. Exquisite aluminum alloy back cavity, sweatproof and durable, a fashionable choice for the stylish people.
  • SUPER BASS –High performance driver that bring out the BASS in your favorite tracks, as well as enhancing mids and highs so that every note is clear and crisp.
  • MULTIFUNCTION CONTROL –Answer Calls – End Calls – Pause – Play- Next song. HD MICROPHONE earphones to make clear calls.
  • Ultra Strong Compatibility –3.5mm 24k Gold-plated audio jack compatible with all 3.5mm interface device, including iphone, ipod, ipad, android, smartphone, tablet mp3 players and many more!
  • 100% satisfaction –These AOKII headphones are professionally designed for music listening requirement in sports. They should not fail or break even during intense outworks. If there are any issues, we’ll give you a total refund or a replacement, at no cost without questions asked.
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  • Would defiantly recommend
    I bought these just over a month ago for about 15.99, i wanted to test them over a long period of time to see if they lasted. I’ve got to say I’m defiantly not disappointed with these. It’s packaged in a nice box, comes with lots of different ear buds including two sets of memory foam buds (my preffered ones) and a small pouch to put them in.The case is very well made and high quality so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or tangled. The sound on these are very good with a nice amount of bass but not too much and are really clear the only thing i can compare them with (I know these aren’t to everyone’s taste) are the beats which in my opinion are really good and these don’t disappoint i use both for different circumstances, if I’m on a bus i usually have my beats but when walking around or doing work i like to wear the earbusds, they are really comfy and the sound is great i would defiantly recommend.
  • Superb sound clarity – premium feel product
    Firstly, lovely packaging, a small cardboard box yet with a premium feel. Inside there are all manner of earbuds of different shapes, sizes and materials, surely one set to satisfy even a perfectionist when it comes to comfort. The earphones themselves have an excellent build quality and look and feel more premium than the relatively low price would suggest. Though they are not listed as a "Tangle-Free" earphones, usually the flat wire kind, I’ve found that whatever type of material they have used on the wires does naturally result in tangle-free operation. I rarely have to spend time unknotting them before use, even on the occasions they’ve just been dumped in my bag rather than placed in the rather swanky case that comes with them. (I doubt I’ll use it that much, though it’s worth doing if only for the satisfying snap of the clasp). In terms of sound, I admit I was initially disappointed as the bass seemed to be much lower than i had anticipated compared to my previous set of Sonys. However, as I’ve got used to the earphones I’ve come to the conclusion that the bass is quite good and my initial reaction was because the clarity of these earphones was so much better than any I’d had before. The bass was definitely strong in the mix, it was just all other elements were crystal clear too. If you lean towards super-heavy bass perhaps these aren’t for you, but in terms of pure sound I’m impressed and constantly finding myself hearing new elements of tracks I’d listened to countless times before because the sound is so clear and unmuddled. I’d say they lend themselves well to all types of music rather than being suited to just classical or EDM etc… One last thing… turn your volume down before first use because these things are loud!
  • and were disappointed as they had a faulty jack plug
    Really impressed with these headphone. I recently paid a lot of money on a pair of headphones, and were disappointed as they had a faulty jack plug. After months of trying to get it sorted, I give up and thought I’d just buy another pair of headphones. After browsing various sites and reading a number of reviews I plumbed for these headphones (Betron YSM100). I am so glad I did. These are excellent quality headphones. The packaging is nice and easy to open. The array of earbuds is amazing with 2 sets of memory foam buds which are super comfy and mold to your ear included in addition to other rubber sets. The headphones themselves are metal and pretty weighty, although do feel comfortable in you ears, not too heavy. The sound from these headphone I was also very impressed with. I was expecting pretty good sound from the describe, but was expecting them to be not as good as a high end maker, I eat them words. The bass is lovey and full, the treble crisp and the whole sound a lot better then I was expecting. A full range can be picked up and even high volumes there was no distortion of crackle. I’m really please I purchased these and would recommend to anyone, and for the price, an awesome purchase.
  • Oh wow. Exceeds Expectations Mr Potter.
    I don’t normally do reviews, and if I do, the product has either far exceeded my expectations or dissapointed me greatly. This product is the former. Having surfed around for a while for new earphones I came across this product. They looked stylish, well finished and attractive. This prompted further reading. The specs looked good, the headphones looked good, the price looked almost too good to be true. But alas off I ordered and a day later (next day delivery) I had my headphones. So, the packaging, and nice neat cube box, similar to that of a watch. Ope it up and in the top is the headphones, the bottom. 6 (yes 6!!) Spare sets of normal earbuds and 2 sets of memory foam ear buds (which at the time I thought was wierd). Having been the type of person who abandons headphones because of the loss of earbuds this was amazing. Now, onto the headphones themselves. The memory foam ear buds are fantastic, amazingly comfy. The headphones themselves outdo all expectations, they are amazing quality, far out doing my old beats earphones, my Samsung issue ones, and an apple set I’d bought previously. I could not recommend these headphones highly enough and will certainly return if (not when) I need new headphones. Thanks a bunch! P.s the 2 year warranty is a mega plus too
  • Great sound, function, and value. Fantastic purchase, would recommend to anybody
    -DELIVERY: Arrived promptly in a well packaged box. -CONTENTS: Comes with a variety of ear bud sizes, and colours, both silicone and foam, so you can easily find your perfect fit. Box includes a great snap-shut leather case for travel/storing spare buds. -SOUND QUALITY: sound quality is phenomenal, bought to replace a pair of Sony in-ear ear phones and the quality is a massive step up for the same price-point. Great bass and clear sound for a wide variety of music and video. Using the correctly sized bud they cancel out external noise very well, have used on public transport/airplanes/large crowds and have been able to hear audio perfectly. -BUTTONS/MICROPHONE: bought the"For Android" variant, the playback buttons and microphone have worked perfectly with both a Nexus 5 and a OnePlus 2 -DURABILITY: have had for ~3 months with daily use and are showing no signs of wear. Have been caught outside in the occasional rain shower, and the though I try to keep them dry, they’ve handled accidental splashes no problem. -VERDICT: Great sound, function, and value. Fantastic purchase, would recommend to anybody looking for good quality, hard-wearing earphones for an Android phone for themselves or as a present.
  • Stunning!
    I’m not an audiophile but like my music (electronica) to sound good. My JVC XX over ear headphones are uncomfortable to wear since wearing glasses so decided to go for some in ear options. After looking at review after review of the usual suspects in my $25.99 budget but seeing so many conflicting reports (Sennheiser build quality in particular) I thought I’d take a pop at these, what could go wrong for $15.99?? What can I say, anyone contemplating these like I was last night, don’t hesitate in ordering, click Add to Basket now!! The packaging is nice (I know, an irrelevance once it’s opened but it’s still cool), the number of extra ear buds is great and the headphones look very cool with the braided cable. But how do they perform? Out of this world IMHO. I’m using a 2015 Samsung A5 with PowerAmp to play my tunes and apart from a little increase in bass with the PowerAmp that’s it…. they are incredible. All frequencies very well covered with no expense to any others – Bass is solid but not over-bearing, mids are clear and treble is nice and pronounced. Stereo imaging is great and they are very comfortable to wear All of this would be great in a $100 pair, but in a $15.99 one? Amazing!
  • tl;dr: Outstanding and classy product. 10/10 would recommend.
    These are quite possibly the finest earphones I have ever had. For the price I didn’t expect such an epic quality of sound, but these are KING. I had to turn down the bass on first use, it was way too manly, but I’m getting more into it now. 🙂 I am also very pleased with the build quality in every aspect. It’s great to have earphones that don’t have a hair thin wire that snaps or loses connection at one end from the slightest unexpected tug. The memory foam buds are also outstanding, a very comfortable fitting for hours of use. (Why haven’t other manufacturers been providing these?) The wire clip, a simple feature, also helps more than such a feature would let on. Not only do these sound and feel fantastic, but they also have a very classy appearance. (That is my opinion though.) Just look at the texture on the side of the earphones, damn son, that’s some classy stuff. Just little things too, like the blue/red ring to clearly remind you which is for your left/right ear. Finally, can confirm that these work on rooted Android phones with third party apps like PowerAmp. No special configuration needed. The 4 poled plug also works fine on stuff that expects a traditional 3 poled plug.
  • Excellent headphones, couldn’t ask for more. Buy them!!!
    Not usually one to post reviews for items on here but after spending hours reading reviews for this item I feel like I have to. I’ve never been a fan of in ear headphones, and have generally been happy with apple earphones for normal use (boring). However after leaving my pair at uni this Christmas I had to invest in a new pair, and found these for a reasonable price with great reviews. Came today on prime delivery (as always), beautifully packaged with lots of bits that are always nice to have. they’re comfortable, with lots of choice or earbuds, so if you’ve got the smallest ears in the world (me) or the largest ears, you’ll be okay. Take time to try them all as some don’t sound good, but when you find the right size it’ll be eye(/ear??) opening. The sound: so I listen to a lot of music, from metal to house to rock to dance music. These smash all of them. They haven’t got the same overpowering bass response like other branded headphones (dre), but this is much more desirable to me! Whilst a great bass response is necessary for the music I like and my personal taste, it’s useless without good highs and mids; and these really deliver. Listening to songs such as ‘LRAD’ by knife party, the bass is pretty mind blowing, and knock apple out the park considerably. Switching to ‘Freestyle 4’ by Kanye West and the bass and highs mix perfectly, and vocals cut through. Finally, I tested these with ‘Redbone’ by Childish Gambino and the funky bass lines sounded crisp and not at all muddy. I have used bose in ear’s (monitor style headphones) and they are better, but for 100+ you would expect that. But these are excellent, not even considering the price (which is fantastic), and the nice colour they provide is pleasant and not too much. In conclusion, get these headphones. Also, with the microphone version, the button on the remote can be used to pause, play, skip and rewind tracks as well as activating Siri and acting as a decent microphone of course. Personally I would save $10 and lose out on volume controls (considering the rocker on an iPhone is still active when locked and in a pocket). Thanks!!
  • A great pair of in ear headphones.
    Unfortunately I recently put these headphones through the washing machine recently, which caused one of the ear buds to stop working. That aside These headphones are a must have not only because the sound quality on them are very good for earphones of this price range, but also because they are made of very strong materials. You see I’m not great with headphones as you may have already guessed from the washing machine incident, but before that had happened I was clumsy enough to drop my pair of Betron headphones in the road as I was getting out of my car to go to work one sunday morning. These headphones spent my entire work day (from 10am til 11pm) In the road presumably being run over by cars. After a little bit of readjustment with some pliers and a quick polish by my housemate who is a jewelry maker, They were as good as new. That Is why I have given this product 5 stars, You just can’t get quality like that these days. I will definitely be buying another pair of these very soon, although I will try much harder not to lose, break or wash them this time :/
  • Outstanding Sound Reproduction for the Price.
    I listen to very high quality recordings mostly of jazz during the day and classical music and opera in the evenings and am always seeking good sound reproduction. Whilst my Betron B-25 earphones have proved exceptional value for money, I decided to try the Betron AOKII and having done so can honestly say they are quite outstanding. The buds themselves are probably only as good at noise cancellation as other well fitting quality buds. But it is the earphones’ quality of sound reproduction which makes them stand out and is so astonishing for the price. Classical music in particular is the most demanding test and these earphones pass with flying colours. If you are looking for a higher quality of sound reproduction and can afford $20 really don’t think twice – just buy these Betron AOKII (But if you only have $10 to spend and are just looking for good every day earphones I can from experience recommend the Betron B-25.)

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