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3 Way Weatherproof Outdoor Speaker Set

  • PROTECTED FROM ELEMENTS: The water resistant speaker features corrosion and stain resistant removable mesh grills. It is also rated as a completely waterproof speaker system which makes it perfect to use alongside a pool, lake, or beach
  • AMPLIFY YOUR HOME: Pyle’s 200-watt hydra marine speaker system is what you need to listen to high-quality audio on your boat, deck, poolside or outdoors! Includes 3.5” three-way outdoor mini box speaker and complete mounting kit wires
  • 200-WATT PEAK POWER: The weatherproof integrated marine speaker system has a 100 watt RMS with 200 watts peak power. Features a frequency response of 70Hz-21kHz with 4 ohms impedance and is equipped w/ quick connect / disconnect speaker terminals
  • SUPERIOR SOUND: The speaker system features a 24oz magnet structure that powers a 1.0″ superior dome tweeter, 3.5″ aluminum injection cone woofer, and a 1.75″ wide dispersion cone midrange. It also features a bass reflex vent for added bass response
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: The speaker is protectively stored in a heavy-duty ABS cabinet w/ butyl rubber surround. Designed to be mounted on a support bar, tubing, frame, or wall. Includes mounting bracket, custom grills, installation hardware
  • Excellent for Use On Boats/Marine/Decks/Poolside/Outdoors – 1″ Super Dome Tweeter – Removable Rustproof of Mesh Grills – Dimensions: 5.25″W x 3.75″H x 3.75″D
  • Completely Water Proof – Capacitor Crossover Network – Power: 100 Watts RMS / 200 Watts Peak
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  • You get more than you pay for …
    I needed some speakers that could be installed near a pool and really didn’t want to spend a heckuva lot. I saw these and figured I couldn’t go wrong for the price. As usual when Amazon ships UPS these arrived on time and in great shape (I wish I could say the same for when they ship things USPS, but I digress. Anyway, I unpacked these and they were a little smaller than I expected but seemed pretty solid. Some folks on here have complained about the thumbscrews that come with the speakers to attach to the brackets. Now sure if they’ve updated the accessories or if people are just neglected to install the pads that come with the bracket, but the thumbscrews were fine. I hooked this up with the supplied speaker wire just to try them out. I attached the speakers to a Lepai amplifier. They sounded just fine, which given that this meant I had spend under $40 and had a stereo next to my pool that sounded just fine was amazing. I’ve seen some folks complaining about the grid rusting, which it very well might sometime down the road, but for what I paid, that’s not the end of the world – a little white paint will fix that. You could spend significantly more on speakers and probably not improve that dramatically on the sound, particularly since we are talking about speakers that are going to be next to a space where people are likely to splashing about. Concert hall sound? No. Loud enough to hear when you’re splashing about and chatting in the pool? Yes. Tinny? A bit, but not too bad all things consider.
  • Great product, great sound at a low price!
    I bought these a short time ago to use with a FM stereo receiver in my shop. I often work on home projects outside the shop in the back yard with the roll up door open, and wanted something I could hear in the yard. I read dozens of reviews for larger and/or more powerful speakers, most of which were much more expensive. I selected these because of their power and small size, as well as the affordable price. My stereo is 300 watts and these speakers are 100 watts each – a perfect match and just what I needed. At only half volume I can hear these anywhere in my back yard!! Back yard isn’t huge, about 100 ft. x 100 ft, but I can even hear the music behind the shop, and it is insulated!
    I’ve not experienced any distortion at 70% volume, and don’t need them to ever be any louder than that. My only criticism is the brackets are flimsy abs plastic. I gave 5 stars anyway because I mounted the speakers on the shop walls and it was not an issue for me. Great product, great sound at a low price!
  • And they sound GREAT! Sure
    I can’t believe this! $15 for a pair of OUTDOOR WEATHERPROOF SPEAKERS! And they sound GREAT! Sure, they don’t crank like my indoor BOSE speakers do – but these are for nice ambience on our deck and they’re AWESOME! May even buy another pair for the bathroom!
  • Great value.
    Put these in our RV. They were shaking out so we put some foam between them and the ceiling and it’s been smooth sailing. They are great and give nice quality sound.
  • I have to say I am really impressed on how well this little speaker sounds..
    I have to say I am really impressed on how well this little speaker sounds… I use it for a center channel and it does a great job on the mid’s and highs which is what you need for a center speaker.. Great Product…
  • music that gets loud enough to enjoy, but not enough to throw a party with
    The outer screens that can rust in the outdoors, are able to pop off and repaint, so I am giving this a 4 star. They are however weak and can not handle base. I would only use them for ambiant sound, music that gets loud enough to enjoy, but not enough to throw a party with.
  • Great inexpensive speakers
    Great little inexpensive speakers, have installed tons of these in campers, on outside of houses and in boats.
  • Excellent sound in a small package
    These speakers have a nice clear midrange and high range and if placed properly create a good stereo soundstage. The bass is limited by the physics of such small speakers but there is enough of it to make all but the most bass-heavy music enjoyable. Listeners of light classical, jazz and folk music will find these speakers very satisfactory while fans of heavy (full orchestra or pipe organ) classical music and most pop music will want something bigger. I use them as auxiliary speakers in a bathroom (much better than trying to sing) and they are very enjoyable.
  • These are nice and compact
    These are nice and compact. They are replacing much larger speakers. They sound great and are a good fit on the boat.
  • Love these little speakers!
    These were a great choice for adding sound to my patio. Great sound for a small price! The knobs for the mounts don’t hold tightly, but I just went to a local hardware store and picked up a pack of white nylon washers. Place them the mount bar and the speaker and you won’t even notice them. Minor issue at best, so won’t knock any points off for that. I am very pleased with these!

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